Financial System


Electronic built budget from branches, departments, and cost centers. classify the chapters and items and link the relevant financial accounts, comparison reports between months and years, and the estimated and actual budget.

Purchases and Payments

An integrated electronic procurement cycle (item request, electronic quotation request, multiple-receipt, purchase order, invoices, bill payment, return purchases and debt notices, purchase order, receipts.

Warehouses and Inventory

Managing the main stores, branches and consumables stores, receiving and transferring between them, and implementing all operations in an automated manner. Inventory management and inventory operations and follow-up levels of quantities of materials.

Suppliers - A/C Payables

Supplier management, integrated file, price lists of materials (supplier catalog), follow-up of receivables’ ages, returns and receivable notices.

Customers - A/C Receivable

Customer management, customer category, receivable ages, blacklists.

Banking/ Cheques

Bank accounts, withdrawals, deposits, post-dated checks, checks for collection, bank reconciliations, check printing.

Asset Management

Complete asset management at all stages, starting from purchase, depreciation, transfers, and ending with selling or scrapping and other operations.


Integrated sales cycle, quotations, sales orders, sales invoices, sales returns, warehouse authorizations, materials delivery.

Petty Cash (Covenant)

Managing permanent and temporary cash covenants in different currencies, covenant request, covenant approval, bills of exchange from the covenant, strengthening/ extension/ closing movements of the covenant.
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